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Ralph Chammas founded RIC Consulting in September 2009 and since then has been the general-manager and owner. RIC Consulting is a German regulated financial services company, that specializes in the field of asset-management. Ralph develops fund-concepts, provides fund-advisory Services and offers the preparation and implementation of the necessary market-entry criteria for placing new products in Central Europe. Prior, from June 2006 until April 2009, Ralph Chammas was the CMO and deputy CEO of a central-bank owned asset-management company in Luxembourg. The company had the role of carrying all AM related issues for the parent bank, totalling AuM of 3.5 Billion EUR after only three years since its inception. Ralph was responsible for marketing and sales, business-development, advisory and controlling. From 1999 till 2006, Ralph was the head of the international sales division of the “HypoVereinsbank Asset Management Group Activest”, which was taken over by Pioneer in 2006. Activest was one of the leading mutual-fund producers and asset-managers in Germany with a total of 130 billion EUR of assets under management at its peak. During that time Ralph was responsible for all the relevant duties related to the production of asset-management solutions with the focus on product-placement in the groups international marketplaces.

Ralph Chammas started his career in the financial industry with Merrill Lynch in 1995 as a financial consultant. Throughout the last 25 years in the industry he was involved in marketing, sales, product-development and management, as well as in advisory and portfolio management for large German central-banks and well known asset managers. Managing sales activities and strategies with focus on the asset & investment management industry, product development and advisory have been Ralph’s main skills for the past 25 years.



The portfolio-manager is a business administration graduate and has been developing quantitative absolute-return models for the past 15 years. He is a senior portfolio manager and is responsible for the development, management and administration of various quantitative strategies.
Throughout his career he was active at renowned financial institutions, where he worked as a trader for the banks proprietary account, and successfully managed a portfolio of trading systems as he does today. The portfolio-manager has significant experience in developing quantitative trading algorithms with a focus on equities, overlay management (dynamic hedging of price risks) as well as on complex options strategies. Besides managing institutional mandates, he also covers advisory and overlay management of Fund of Funds portfolios, with more than 400 million EUR assets under management.

The portfolio-Manager is in charge of adapting and integrating trading systems developed in-house for front office deployment. The team manages the entire process of prototype implementation and the testing of models up to their risk management and documentation. He also coordinates new product pipelines across all asset classes. He is responsible for innovating the architecture of in-house trading systems and the optimization of various system-components of new and existing trading strategies. All in all he is in charge of the quantitative development and product-management.

Today RIC Consulting is a well established financial services company based in the lake-area west of Munich, that specializes in the field of asset-management.  RIC is a German regulated financial services company according to §34c & §34f GewO.