RIC Portfolios

The best manager is not the one who is always right !
It is the one who realizes first when he is wrong.

Investments generally bear risks. And risks are chances at the same time. We believe in profiting from the chances of premiums in the different management strategies as efficiently and diversified as possible. We do not want to speculate on macro-economic data and market developments as nobody is able to predict the future. We simply manage a portfolio of contrarian styles with low correlations and anti-cyclical strategies.

Our portfolios are built upon a set of well defined and thoroughly tested underlying fund-strategies, representing up to twenty years of successful portfolio-management and research experience. Most of the underlying funds are selected as quantitative mechanical models with as little human intervention as possible. The strategic allocation of the portfolio is based on a precisely defined equal distribution for specific criteria to pairs or groups of funds with negative or no correlation. The selection of the underlying funds consists of a set of parameterized rules. The RIC Consulting strategy will only engage into a fund, if the predefined conditions are met.

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